In 2021, I had a vision.

I imagined how wonderful and transformative it would be if the images
and affirmations of the card decks could be with anyone who is giving birth.
According to 2020 data, 99% of Hungarian women give birth in a hospital. I felt
it would be fantastic if the cards could be displayed in large A3 size images
in maternity wards in Hungary. This idea seemed very bold and almost impossible
at the time.

Still, I felt that I wanted to do everything I could to make it a reality.

Finally, in 2021, the first images were displayed in the maternity ward
of the Honvéd Hospital in Budapest, and since then, a further 17 maternity
wards - mostly state-owned - have opened their doors to the images.

Every time they are placed in a new location, I feel
an incredible sense of joy, hope, and togetherness

At the beginning of the project, the display of the images was financed
entirely by the Modern Goddess brand, but since then, several mothers,
organizations, and even the hospitals themselves have joined me and are helping
with the financing. Thank you to them!

Where else are the affirmations needed?

The opportunity is open to all state and private maternity wards and practices


During childbirth, a spontaneously altered state of
 develops, which can be very well used to reduce pain and physical
discomfort, thus increasing the woman's chances of a natural vaginal delivery.
A multidisciplinary experiment proves that the hypnotizability of pregnant
women is higher than average (Tiba, Mészáros, Bányai, Jakubecz, 1977), so we
are more receptive to all verbal and non-verbal suggestions at this time.

"Suggestion (in this case positive affirmations)
is the exploitation of the ability of the subject to transform the thoughts he
accepts into actions."
 (Bergmann, 1894)

I hope that the images and messages of the cards will be found valuable
and useful by both mothers and their families, as well as by the professionals,
staff and family helpers of the maternity wards. I believe that with common
faith and work, we can show the world the miracle of childbirth and the power
of women again.