Every woman deserves to be understood, supported and believed in, especially through this delicate transition from woman to mother.

The Modern Goddess affirmation card decks with 52 visual messages have the mission to connect you with yourself and your baby, to help you understand and let go of your fears, and to find and use your strengths. A balanced pregnancy supports you in your way for an empowering birth. An empowering birth helps you to deal with the emotional overload of motherhood. What they say is true: motherhood is a hard journey, it's sometimes a grumpy road to a deeper self-knowledge and confidence. And motherhood is the most amazing gift, a true blessing that helps You understand life and love better.
I know it can sound scary but trust yourself:

You got this!

My cervix like a flower will open perfectly when the time comes

At one time around week 38, I sat down to draw a blooming flower, hoping that my body and my daughter would be inspired by it and that the most important day of our lives would begin. Well, it didn't really work. Nothing and nobody seemed to get started, but the flower turned out beautiful, and I enjoyed the art of making it. Its size also happened to be approximately the same as the total dilation. I set it aside, and I waited and waited. Then, after much excitement and anticipation, when my daughter started her path of birth at midnight on the 2nd and 3rd day of the 40th week, I was first overwhelmed with immense gratitude, and for the first few hours, I kept repeating: thank you, thank you, thank you. As events progressed and I dove deeper and deeper into the unknown world of labour, walking up and down the apartment and spending time everywhere, I had an essential request to my husband and my helpers: always keep this drawn flower in front of me. I let the profound whirlpool take me down to the deepest core of birth, where neither life nor death is relevant. In the middle of the most intense contractions, I kept saying quietly and loudly, "I'm opening up wide." And I did. I became a great gateway between Sky and Earth. I remember the all-encompassing euphoria when her body finally slipped out of mine. 💗 Tina

Relax, open, release

Dear Tina, I was wondering if you truly know what a part you play in us having wonderful birth experiences. Every night for weeks, I have stood in front of my little sanctuary, relaxing and affirming the sentences to myself. My husband always watched this with tears in his eyes and was very proud of me. My first birth was a horrible vacuum birth. Now I had the pleasure of giving birth in the bathtub, by candlelight and listening to relaxing music, only in the presence of my husband and a midwife. I have to tell you that in the end, I kept repeating to myself endlessly: relax, open, release. Your sentences carried me until the last moment. I gave birth in a hospital where you donated posters of the cards, so they were on the wall for us. When I felt that I could not bear the pain, I remembered that: My contractions are strong as I am; and: It is not pain It is a power which is natural and safe. My husband said there was a moment when he saw that I was extremely exhausted. And the way I pulled myself together from there was the most beautiful thing. He was so proud of me. Actually, those were the moments when I recalled the affirmations to myself! 💗 Sophie

We all arrive on Earth with our special skills and mission

I believe infinitely that each of us comes to this Earth with a unique mission, and we are given all the skills for that mission. I also believe everything is on our side when we serve this mission. Circumstances, people, and the whole world become our helpers. Perhaps there are several layers to our mission because, with it, we change ourselves and understand it more deeply as we get to its core. If I look at it that way, I would say that the core of our mission is the same: love. Yet how and to whom we should deliver it is different.
I wish our children, and we could believe that the world needs us just as we are, clumsy in some ways and outstandingly skilful in others.
Each mission is just as important! Those that affect the lives of a few people, living and sensitive beings, and those that affect the whole world.

"Mothers must mother each other, too. We must hold each other up & surround each other strong & in the ear of every new mother we must whisper, you belong, you belong."
Vicki Rivard - Brave new mama

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The Mission received professional recognition!

In 2023, perinatal consultant Bettina Zagoni received the award for improving the
quality of labor and birth for her series of cards that accompany the perinatal
period with positive suggestions, images, and affirming thoughts.