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Modern Goddess International

For Fathers Affirmation Cards

For Fathers Affirmation Cards

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52 positive and empowering visual affirmations

Becoming a father is as challenging and a life-changing experience as becoming a mother. After childbirth, we women give most of our strength, attention and love to our newborn babies. And it is you, men, who hold us over and above your strength.

You are the stable boat that keeps us sheltered and safe in the often stormy waters of life.

You are so important! I want you to know and feel that we see, love and respect the man, the partner and the father in you. You must know that you can count on us, too!

This deck of cards was created partly because so many of you asked for it and partly because I have a man on my side whom I love, respect and will be forever grateful to! To find a true partner for life is a great gift.

The deck of cards for Fathers is a confession of love, affirmations, and words of gratitude from us women to you men.

The deck of cards includes 25 - You Should Know cards and 25 - Thank You cards, as well as two cards of each type that YOU are free to fill in with your own confessions.


Place your favourite messages from the card deck in your home and surprise your partner with them!


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