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Postpartum Diary

Postpartum Diary

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The Postpartum Diary is about the first one to three years of motherhood. So you can start it as a new mother or in your first years of motherhood. It is like an understanding friend and a supporting companion. Motherhood is a blessing and a joy; motherhood is deep and challenging. In this diary, all our feelings are allowed to be expressed and accepted. This diary is our heritage, our awakening as a mother.

This diary is our source of strength.

*416 bound pages, more than a year of feelings, memories, and journey in motherhood

*18 self-reflective exercises on relationship, body image, boundary setting, parenting, self-care, processing childbirth

*high quality, thick pages, timeless, strong binding

*beautiful old gold hot foil stamping and edge painting

*all my love, support and acceptance as a fellow mother

The diary is a forever reminder of the incredibly intense, hormone-fuelled first years of motherhood that we all think we shall always remember, but then somehow, the memories fade away within months.

As a mother myself, I know we have limited time to do anything else while caring for a child, so I've written simple but essential questions for the “DATE pages” of the diary that are easy to answer. Self-reflective exercises give us the peace and focus we need in a stolen half-hour on this exciting journey.

Because you are not alone! I understand you, and I feel you!

With love, Tina

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